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"What Do You Call an Ant?" is the perfect book for any child! My son and I love this book. My favorite part is the play on words. It's very well written and it expands a child's vocabulary using words in a creative and fun way. The watercolor pictures are beautiful and they really bring to life the words in the book. I learn something new with every ant fact I read and children (and parents) will enjoy reading this over and over again. This book is awesome. I give it 5 stars."

— Lou Jones - Amazon Review

"I have had such fun with this book: "What Do You Call an Ant?" Love asking questions to kids and adults as well. Some get the hang of it quickly and others just roll their eyes. Such fun!"

— Me Me - Amazon Review

"Ha, I am the author, so this is a completely biased review! (Full disclosure). Honestly, kids have a lot of fun trying to figure out the words...all ending in "ant" in my book "What Do You Call an Ant?" Whenever I do readings at schools, the teachers ask me to bring them more of this type of book--they love it."

— Author Mary Mueller