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What Do You Call an Ant?

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What Do You Call an Ant? is an early-grade, original water-color illustrated children's book encouraging children to have fun with words; in this case, words ending in ant.

Along with expanding vocabularies and improving spelling skills, this lively, read-aloud book draws the entire family into solving riddles. For example, "What do you call a really large ant?" "A Giant!" The text is interspersed with interesting ant facts and ends with a surprise by introducing the concept of homonyms to children by inviting their favorite aunts to read with them.

Homonyms are taught at a very early grade level (to, too, two). What Do You Call an Ant? reinforces spelling and reading skills for the early learner, making it marketable for kindergarten through third grade.

What Do You Call an Ant? makes the perfect gift, either given to or received from, a favorite aunt!